सिंगलडेकर डीडब्ल्यूटी एबीटी 800-1300 कोई समुद्री-नदी प्रकार नहीं
अनुरोध आईडी 399
श्रेणी तेल टैंकर, रासायनिक टैंकर
निर्माण वर्ष 1970...
Price 400,000...
अनुरोध जोड़ा गया दिनांक 2021-11-28
द्वारा जोड़ा Scandinavian Maritime Services AB (Scandinavian Maritime Services AB)

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डीडब्ल्यूटी 800...3000
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Original message

Singeldecker Dwt Abt 800-1300 No sea-river type

Good morning,
Dwt Abt 800-1300
Box type hold(s)
Built after 1975
Preferably bow-thruster
Preferably with crane
No sea-river type
Price up to USD 400,000
Must be in good trading condition
Singeldecker with crane
Dwt 1100+
Built 1970s
Dual GT, lower max 499
Even with expired certs.
Preferably with bow-thruster
Must be in decent trading condition
Low price
Cash buyer for forced, bank etc sale of
Dry cargo
Dwt 1000-3000
Built 1980+
Seagoing Tankers
Dwt 1500-3500
Built after 1970
Preferably low draft
Must be in trading condition
Price demo+ levels
Please reply only as per above requirement, with full description and:
-Name & IMO No.
-Asking price/Price ideas
-Location for inspection & delivery
-Certificate/survey status report
We are looking forward to your proposals
Use the text in "subject line" when replying.
Add shipsales@scandimar.se to your mailing lists for vessels for sale and your p/e's.
Please notify us if you do not want to receive our circulars.
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